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Fly Like Royalty, Fly Business Class

Flying Business Class with discount airfares makes air travel more comfortable and satiated. Business class air travel brings many more benefits than just luxury onboard. Enjoy the facilities like priority check-in, priority boarding, and business class lounge at the airport making business class travel more lucrative for travelers looking forward to an utmost relaxing journey.

How to find cheap business class flights?

Fareleaders is a reliable platform to compare business class flight deals offered on various airlines by different travel websites. Check all the essential information travelers need to consider before buying business class flights, that includes baggage policy, date change/ cancellation policy, stopover or non-stop flight, other than air ticket prices, and flight time. Book the chosen lowest flight prices on the travel website offering that without any additional cost.

Tips for getting cheap business class flights

Consider the tips mentioned below if you want to know how to fly business class for cheap.

  1. Book your airline tickets in advance. Last minutes flights tend to cost more even if you fly business class
  2. Use your miles/rewards. In case you fall less on points to fly business, you may buy an economy class ticket with a fare that is eligible for an upgrade and later get the ticket upgraded with your points.
  3. Often the airlines offer unsold Business Class seats on a flight at affordable prices. Though the chances are slim in the high season, you can try your luck if traveling in the off-season or on a mid-week / redeye flight.

Top 5 Business Class Airlines and Cabins in the USA

The list of the best 5 business class cabins of the USA airlines is as below.

  1. JetBlue Mint Business Class
  2. United Real Polaris Business Class
  3. Delta One on the A330 Business Class
  4. American Airlines A321T Transcontinental Business Class
  5. United’s “Fake” Polaris Business Class

Facts to know while booking Business Class flights

Are business class and first-class the same?
No. Business class offers more comfort and luxury than economy class seats but first class is even superior to business class.

Are business class and premium economy the same?
No. Business class offers more comfort and facilities than premium economy class.

Are business class flights fully refundable in case of cancellation?
Some are but not all business class flight tickets are fully refundable.

Is a date change possible on business class air tickets?
Read the fare rules. Most of the airlines offer date change with/ without fee on business class tickets.

Can Booking discounted airfares on business class tickets by travel agents restrict the use of the business lounge or other facilities onboard?
No, discounted air tickets mean paying less for the same facilities at the airport and in flight.

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