How is FareLeaders.com different from other travel websites?

FareLeaders is an airfare comparison portal. Unlike other travel websites where you can buy flight tickets, on FareLeaders.com we let you know about the prevailing airfare deals available on different travel portals.

FareLeaders airfare comparison platform helps save time in browsing through different websites and comparing airfares manually.

How does FareLeaders find cheap flight fares?

We help you find the cheapest flights by searching for flight deals on a number of airline ticket sites and showing the best deals that you can compare on our flight comparison platform and book directly with the provider without any additional cost.

With each query, FareLeaders searches a number of travel sites to show all the important information that travelers need to consider before buying their flight tickets, that includes air ticket prices, flight time, and connecting flights.

Why is FareLeaders.com popular for finding the best last-time airfare deals?

Most travelers end up paying more when they travel urgently for less time to research the cheapest airfares available. We help travelers save on last-minute flight deals by letting them know where the cheapest airfares are available instantly.

Can we buy air tickets on FareLeaders.com?

No. We display the airline ticket deals but don’t sell them.

We are a flight fare comparison site and display the deals offered by flight ticket shopping sites or airlines. Airline tickets can be bought on the OTA website and/or directly on the airline website.

Do FareLeaders book airline tickets?

No, we don't book airline tickets. Airline tickets are booked either by the online travel agent website or directly by the airline’s website depending on the airfare you choose to book.

Can changes and cancellations in airline tickets be made on FareLeaders?

No, you can’t make changes or cancellations on FareLeaders.com. Contact the respective airline or travel website where you made the reservation.

Do the flight fares shown include taxes and fees?

The airline ticket prices shown FareLeaders include applicable taxes and fees. However, any optional fees such as baggage fees, seat selection, etc are not included.

Do flight prices include baggage fees?

Please be noted that every airline has its baggage allowance policy. Kindly confirm how much baggage the airlines allow.

Can I search for a flight for a child on Fareleaders?

When searching for flights on FareLeaders.com, you can select the number of children and infant passengers via the traveler drop-down menu.

Please be noted, check the airline rules if searching for flights for an unaccompanied child.

Does searching for airfare increase the price?

No. Airfare is subject to change due to seat availability and advance purchase.

I was booking an airline ticket and the airfare increased. Why?

Airline prices can change quickly and without warning. There are various reasons for price changes in airline tickets, such as seat availability in the same fare class while booking the flight.

Who is responsible for the change in the flight fare while booking the airline ticket?

Airlines or online travel agent where you were booking the ticket. Fareleaders.com only shows the availability of flight seats and fares which we directly sourced from online travel agencies or airline web services . Airfares and seat availability are not controlled by us.

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